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Constant temperature and humidity machine
Programmable constant temperature and humidity chamber
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Product Name: Constant temperature and humidity machine



Constant temperature and humidity machine Refrigeration system

1. The refrigeration system adopts the optimized design combination of imported compressor, which has lower noise, better performance, stability and reliability.
2. The controller can adjust the cooling circuit automatically to ensure the normal suction and discharge temperature of the compressor and improve the service life of the compressor. ?
3. The refrigeration system adopts a new refrigerant demand algorithm, which can reasonably and effectively utilize the cooling capacity and effectively reduce the mutual consumption of cold and heat, so as to achieve stable control and energy saving, ??? The year-on-year savings were more than 30%.


Constant temperature and humidity machine Strong security protection system

1. The first layer: internal temperature limit of controller, high and low temperature protection setting. ?

2. High temperature protection device on the second layer. ?
3. The third layer: extreme over temperature anti dry burning protection, ultra high temperature limit protection device. ?
4. Compressor protection - refrigerant pressure protection and overload protection device. ?
5. Compressor protection - oil pressure protection and device, poor oil return is the most common way of compressor damage. ?
6. Humidification water shortage protection device. ?
7. Leakage protection. ?
8. Main power phase sequence and open phase protection.


Constant temperature and humidity machine Air duct system with high uniformity

one Special moisture-proof and heat dissipation design, stainless steel long axis cycle motor + high / low temperature aluminum alloy multi wing circulation centrifugal wind wheel. ?

two Positive pressure air outlet design, to ensure that every corner of the air circulation to achieve high uniformity requirements. ?

three Balanced temperature regulation p.i.d + p.w.m + S.S.R system, stable and accurate temperature and humidity control.


Constant temperature and humidity machine Storage and processing of curves and data:

1. The standard USB2.0 interface is used to store the read data and curve, and download it to the computer for analysis and storage. ?
2. The standard RS-232C communication interface can control the machine and computer hard disk to store data. ?
3. It can record 120 days of historical data and curve function with 60 seconds sampling calculation. ?
4. The sampling rate can be set from 3 seconds to 1 hour. ?
5. Remote monitoring of machine operation and remote control of machine via Internet (optional)

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