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UV aging chamber
UV aging chamber
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Product Name: UV aging chamber ?


Specifications [ /SPEC ?

1 It's a good idea UV aging chamber Technical specifications

1. Inside Size: 600 500 750mm (L * w * h)

2 External dimension: 850 700 1480mm (L * w * h)

three Temperature range: RT + 10 桫 70

four Humidity range: 95% R.H

five Temperature fluctuation: 0.5

six Temperature uniformity: ܡ 2

seven Humidity fluctuation: ܡ 2%

eight Humidity uniformity: ܡ 2%

nine Blackboard temperature: 50~70 ?

ten Distance between lamps: 35mm

11 Distance between sample and lamp tube: 50mm

twelve Lamp power: 40W

thirteen UV wavelength: 290nm ~ 400nm

fourteen Simulation condensation: the time of condensation system is adjustable

15? UV exposure and simulated condensation time range: 0-99 hours

16? Support template: three 00 290mm (special specifications need to be specified in the contract)

17. Effective irradiation area: 500 400mm

18. UV wavelength: UVA range is 315-400nm

nineteen Sample holder: 1

twenty Test time: 0 999h, adjustable

twenty-one Irradiance range: 50W / m2

2 Box texture of material ?

1. Case shell material: imported sus stainless steel plate Baking paint Treatment

2. Liner material: imported sus stainless steel plate

3. Cover material: imported sus stainless steel plate spray treatment

4. Installed on both sides of the studio four UVA UV lamps

5. The heating method is tank type heating with fast heating and uniform temperature distribution

6. The box cover is double flip type, easy to open and close

7. The water level in the tank is automatically replenished

8. The sample holder is composed of a cushion and an extension spring, all of which are made of aluminum alloy

9. The bottom of the test chamber adopts high quality fixed Pu movable wheel

10. The drainage system uses vortex type and U-shaped sedimentation device for drainage

11. The distance between the sample surface and the UV lamp plane is 50 mm and parallel

3 Heating system

1. The light source adopts four UV-A fluorescent lamp with rated power of 40W is used as light source, Flat on the bottom of the machine

2. U-type titanium alloy high-speed heating tube is adopted

3. Temperature control and illumination are completely independent system

4 The heating system has anti overtemperature function

1. The blackboard temperature is controlled by color touch screen program controller or digital key temperature controller, and the output power is self-tuning by microcomputer and PID. The standard PT100 blackboard temperature sensor is used for monitoring.

2. The temperature of the water tank is controlled and heated by the color touch screen program Korean temperature controller. The water tank is located at the bottom of the box, and the electric heater is built in. In the test process, there is a test section in the dark condensation process, which requires high temperature saturated water vapor in the box. When the water vapor meets the surface of the sample plate which is relatively cold, dew will be condensed on the surface of the sample.

5 Safety protection device:

1. Grounding protection

2. Overload circuit breaker power supply

3. Overload and short circuit fuse of control circuit

4? Over temperature protection

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