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Salt spray corrosion test chamber
Salt spray corrosion test chamber
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Product Name: Salt spray corrosion test chamber ?



[instrument features]

1.? The whole set of PVC board is made of advanced three-dimensional reinforcement technology, with strong structure and never deformation

2.? Salt spray corrosion test chamber ? Automatic / manual water adding system is adopted, which can automatically / manually supplement water level when water level is insufficient, and the test will not be interrupted.

3.? Precision glass nozzle, use 4000 hours to ensure no crystal blockage. ?

4.? The control instruments are all on the same board, easy to operate and clear at a glance. ?

5.? With double over temperature protection, insufficient water level warning, to ensure the safety of use. ?

6.? Imported temperature controller, digital display, PID control, high stability platinum temperature probe, error is less than 0.3

7.? Salt spray corrosion test chamber ? Laboratory use steam Gas direct heating mode, fast temperature rise, short standby time. ?

8.? The spray tower is equipped with cone-shaped disperser, which has the functions of guiding fog, adjusting fog volume and falling fog evenly. ?


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