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PCT aging test chamber
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Product Name: high pressure accelerated aging test chamber (table type)



Application of the instrument

High pressure accelerated aging test chamber is suitable for national defense, aerospace, automotive parts, electronic parts, plastic, magnet industry, pharmaceutical industry Test the sealing performance of circuit board, multi-layer circuit board, IC, LCD, magnet, lighting products, etc., and conduct accelerated life test for related products, which are used in the product design stage to quickly expose the defects and weak links of the products. The weariness resistance and air tightness of the products were tested. To test the moisture capacity of semiconductor packages, the products to be tested are tested under severe temperature, humidity and pressure. Moisture will penetrate into the package along the interface between colloid or colloid and the conductor frame. The common failure modes are open circuit caused by corrosion in active metallization area, or short circuit caused by pollution between the pins of the package body. The purpose of accelerated aging life test is to improve environmental stress (such as temperature) and working stress (voltage and load applied to products), accelerate the test process and shorten the life test time of products or systems .


Instrument features

1. High pressure accelerated aging test chamber The temperature of saturated steam is controlled by imported microcomputer and controlled by microcomputer P.I.D. ?

2.? High pressure accelerated aging test chamber Positive and negative pressure gauge is displayed by pointer; LED display is adopted for time controller; automatic water level controller is used to provide warning when water level is insufficient. ?

3.? High pressure accelerated aging test chamber Round type inner box, stainless steel round type test inner box structure, in line with the industrial safety container standard, can prevent the condensation and dripping during the test. ?

4.? High pressure accelerated aging test chamber Circular lining and stainless steel circular lining design can avoid the direct impact of latent heat of steam on the sample. ?

5.? High pressure accelerated aging test chamber Precision design, good air tightness, less water consumption, each time adding water can be continuous for 200 hours. ?

six ? Automatic access control, automatic temperature and pressure detection of round door, locking control of security access control, patented safety door handle design. When there is greater than atmospheric pressure in the box, the test door will be back pressure protected. ?

seven ? When the internal pressure is higher, the patent packing will have back pressure on the door, which will make it more closely combined with the box, which is completely different from the traditional extrusion type, and can prolong the packing life. ?

eight ? Critical point limit mode automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault indicator light display. ?

9. Safety valve, when the pressure in the pot exceeds the maximum working value, it can automatically exhaust and relieve pressure. ?

10. The integrated silicone door gasket has good air tightness and long service life.

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