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High temperature aging test chamber
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Product Name: high temperature Aging test chamber ?



[instrument use]

High temperature Aging test chamber It is used for drying, baking and preheating all kinds of materials or test pieces, and the heating distribution is uniform by hot air circulation. It is suitable for drying and baking all kinds of non flammable and explosive materials. It is widely used in electrical and electronic, instrumentation, biological pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries, especially suitable for processing all kinds of precise baking, drying, preheating and shaping processing.


Instrument Specification]

I. equipment material:

1. Inner box material: high temperature Aging test chamber The current working environment of high-quality zinc resistant box can be affected by the high-temperature resistant products in the international market.

2. Material of outer box: high temperature Aging test chamber The outer box is sprayed with 1.2mm cold plate, which is commonly used in the international equipment industry, with beautiful appearance and enhanced anti-corrosion and anti rust performance.

3. Thermal insulation material: our company's thermal insulation material adopts hard polyurethane foam + high-efficiency ultra-fine thermal insulation glass wool, which has more thermal insulation performance than ordinary insulation cotton, saving electric energy and reducing the impact on the surrounding environment temperature of the equipment.


2 Performance index:

1. Temperature range: RT ~ 300 (adjustable at will)

2. Temperature fluctuation: ܡ2

3. Temperature uniformity: ܡ 2

4. Heating rate: 25 (RT) - 300 about 55 minutes (about 5.0 / min)


3 Control circuit:

1. The temperature controller adopts imported P + I + D mode to control temperature heating

2. The whole machine control system adopts electromagnetic contactor design

3. Digital display high-precision timer, fixed temperature baking time can be set

4. Multi color indicator light for high temperature Aging test chamber The usage status is indicated

5. It has over temperature or baking completion indication function, and double alarm system of indicator light and buzzer

6. Equipped with over temperature preventer, it can automatically protect and stop heating after abnormal over temperature

7. Fuse switch protection, automatically stop power supply in case of abnormal overload


4 Heating system:

1. High temperature Aging test chamber Equipped with Taiwan nickel chromium heating tube

2. Blower: centrifugal multi blade fan

3. Air transport mode: 1 set of 1 HP long axis motor horizontally and horizontally to ensure uniform temperature.

4. Heater: anti vibration and anti-collision fin heater (nichrome)

5. Temperature sensor: PT100 thermal resistance (dry bulb)


5 Protection system:

1. The PID microcomputer automatic temperature controller adopted by our company can alarm and stop the power output of the machine room by setting the internal upper and lower temperature limits, so as to protect the products in the machine from unnecessary loss due to over temperature.

2. Over temperature protection system: when the temperature is out of control due to external force, the system will automatically stop heating and power supply when it exceeds the set temperature by 10 degrees, thus protecting the safety of your products and machines.

3. Overload protection system: high temperature Aging test chamber When the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to high applied voltage or other reasons, the system will automatically cut off power to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from damage.


6 Control function:

1. "RKC" key controller imported from Japan

2. Running time: 0 ~ 999 minutes

3. Timing function (auto start and auto stop)

4. Alarm display function


7 Machine power supply:

1. Voltage 380V, three-phase, 50 Hz

2. Current: 15A

3. Power: 6 kW

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